National Award For Licensed Premise Staff

NALPS Off-Licence Course

Staff retailing alcohol from off licence premises

The NALPS off-licence course is designed for staff working in licensed premises in England and Wales only, that sell alcohol to be consumed off and away from the premises.

These are known as off licence premises. These style of premises may also sell other age restricted products such as cigarettes, solvents, knives, fireworks and aerosols all of which are age restricted.

Off-licence premises include:

  • Supermarkets
  • Mini Markets
  • Convenience stores
  • Off-licences

The NALPS online course will give candidates a basic knowledge and understanding of alcohol licensing law for England and Wales. The course will also give guidance on acceptable forms of identification and age restricted products other than just alcohol. The Police or a local Council may insist that a basic level of staff training is in place on a licensed premises, this may also be a condition on a premises operating schedule.
All members of staff working with age restricted products such as alcohol, tobacco or tobacco related products may be subject to a Trading Standards and Police “Test Purchase” Failure of a test purchase can lead to a formal interview under caution, on the spot fine and or criminal prosecution in a Court of law. This e-learning course is an ideal basic learning tool for anyone involved in the retail sale of alcohol in England and Wales.

Course Cost:

The cost of the online course is just £10.00 per candidate.

Starting your NALPS online training:

1: Create an online training account to access the user area. Here, you can add a subscription to sign up and pay for your course.

2: Complete your training course at your own pace. You can extend your subscription if you find you need longer to learn.