Frequently asked questions regarding Personal Licence Online;

APLH Level 2 Licensing Qualification

Q) Can I do my APLH Level 2 exam online?Exam

A) You can not do a APLH Level 2 examination online. This is a legal licensing qualification for England & Wales so therefore the examination must be taken at an exam centre with an invigilator.

Q) Where can I take my APLH examination after learning online?

A) You can sit your personal licence APLH exam at one of over 80 centres nationwide.

Q) How do I find an examination venue near me?

A) You can view our examination centres by clicking this link: Find Exam Venues

Q) What time can I take my APLH exam?

A) All of our APLH exams are undertaken in the afternoon at our nationwide training venues. You will need to be at the exam venue at 3.45pm

Q) What is the APLH examination like and what is the pass rate?

A) The APLH examination is a BIIAB multiple choice exam consisting of 40 questions. The pass rate is 70% which means you must get 28 out of 40 questions correct.

Q) Is any help available to help me pass my APLH exam

A) Yes there is a mini online test after each training module. You must successfully complete each test to move forward. You can also raise an online support ticket should you get stuck. You will also be given access to several mock examination papers to help you study for your exam. These are available on the Login Page

Q) When do I get my exam results?

A) Examination results normally take about 7 days. We will contact you as soon as we get your exam results.

Q) What happens if I fail my BIIAB examination?

A) If you do fail an examination we can arrange for you to retake another examination paper at one of our centres.

Q) how long will I have to wait for my BIIAB APLH level 2 certificate?

A) We generally get your training certificate to you in under two weeks.

Q) Will my certificate of training be acceptable to my local Council?

A) Yes the BIIAB Award for Personal Licence Holders is an accredited licensing qualification and is accepted by all Council Licensing Authorities in England & Wales.




Scottish Certificate for Licensed Premises Staff (SCLPS)

Q) Can I do my SCLPS exam online?woman-laptop

A) Yes you can not do your SCPLH examination online. There is a legal obligation for candidates to undertake training on 16 prescribed units from the Scottish Licensing Act. Your e-learning course will cover all these units.

Q) How soon can I take my online exam?

A) You can take your online exam as soon as you have finished your online course, however you can not skip any of the e-learning course as the course player is locked.

Q) How long does my e-learning course take to complete?

A) You most complete all 16 units of training, times will vary with each candidate. The maximum course time is 2 hours, however some candidates may complete this quicker due to their ability.

Q) Do I get any help with my studies during the online course?

A) Yes there is a mini online test after each training module. You must successfully complete each test to move forward. You can also raise an online support ticket should you get stuck. You may also find the SCPLH online mock exam a useful learning tool.

Q) How long does it take to get my certificate of training?

A) As soon as you complete your training and pass your test we are notified electronically and will print your certificate of training the following day. All SCLPS certificate are sent by first class post using Royal Mail.

Q) Do I have to display my training certificate at my place of work?

A) There is no legal requirement to display your certificate of training, however it is a legal requirement under Scottish licensing law for the premises manager to keep a record of training for each member of staff engaged in the retail sale of alcohol.

Q) Will I get a record of training with my certificate?

A) We do not send a training record with your certificate, however you can download one free of charge here. Download Training Record

Q) What happens if I lose my certificate of training and require a duplicate?

A) We keep a secure database of all SCLPS candidates and each certificate has an individual number allocated to your certificate and name. So duplicate certificates can be ordered by any candidate.


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